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March 09, 2007



To say I am enjoying watching you deal with all this is an understatement! You were the Extreme Royal Highness in Teen Attitude!! and..... you always had to have the last word in any argument no matter what punishment those last words might cause you. Let me clue you in, honey, its only just begun and if you think Ty has attitude what til Taryn is 14!!!!!!!!!!!!


HA! Did I say she was enjoying it....maybe "basking in it" or "reveling in it" would be more appropriate!! :)

Hmmmm..."extreme royal highness"...I feel like such royalty now LOL!


Haha! I just love how you explain these stories. I would have to agree with your mom, though...just wait until your daughter is a teen. Girls may not be so huffy, but they can be real snots!


Oh, this is too good..And, Jane, you crack me up!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! My mom is also enjoying me going through this stage with Kyleigh. I hate to say it, but wait til it hits with Taryn. I think girls are harder but so far Landon is fairly easy. Landon has to have the last word though and that TICKS ME OFF! Sometimes I wonder if I am the adult or the teen. I think Tristyn will be, by far, my most difficult. She is already asking that her hair be dyed pink and if she can wear make-up to school. She's only 4!!! Oh the joys of our children growing up. Keep the stories coming, we can compare notes :)


Lol...I love it!!! Great story!

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