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May 14, 2007



I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my ABC book! Taryn and I both giggled looking at it! It ranks right up there with my other all time favorite Mother's Day Gift. One year Lyndsay made me a box full of little slips of paper sayings of all the reasons why she loved me. Some samples are "because you always stood back and let me make my own mistakes and then helped me learn from them"...."because you've shown me that being a single mom can turn out good - just look at what you did with me!"...."because you have always loved to read and that set a good example for me".... The box held dozens and dozens of sweet sayings and memories. It cost her almost nothing and is one of the most valuable gifts I ever received. Now my ABC book is another gift full of love that I will always treasure.

Thank you, Lyndsay, for my two wonderful grandchildren who I couldn't imagine my life without and thank you, too, for how you always put so much thought into your gift giving.

I love you, Lynds!



awwwwww.....my mama made me cry! I love you mom!


WOW! That is the most awesome ABC book I've seen! I need to do that for my mom and sister. How cute:)


Your mom just made ME cry! :) You have a great family!


Your mom made me cry, too!

And what an awesome idea! You are so creative and the book is fabulous!

Julie C Butler

I love it Lindsay - she is the cutest .. I have the templates too .. I should make up a book too ...


Hi Lyndsay..
It's bizcochito73 from the Nest/Knot.. I LOOOVE that ABC book you made and I want to make something similar for my baby's 1st birthday and to give to his 2 sets of grandparents. Could you explain a bit the process and how I get to make something similar.. Also.. where did you get the books made?
TIA... btw.. I'm addicted to you blog! You're the most talented knottie/nestie I've ever met!


This is adorable! I have created an ABC book with objects...and a few pictures of loved ones in the mix...but this is wonderful to have each page about the child! You are so creative...and your pictures are FABULOUS!!!


Girl, I commend you for your marvelous works! Going through the storm of Katrina and then coming out on top, You have a true story to tell! You have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful kids, and 1 on the way! Your are truly BLESSED! I will pray that whatever you desire in your heart, that God will grant your every wish!

Be blessed and stay encouraged! Love the photos, you do excellent work!

'Chele :)
~ Have a Blessed One! ~

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