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July 31, 2007



YAY!!! I'm so happy for you guys that it's finally done:) I couldn't imagine having to go through what you have...you are obviously pretty tough! Good luck showing the house...hope it goes well:)


CONGRATULATIONS! You're right; you guys deserve it. Good luck and God bless.

Heather T.

Oh Lyndsay, I am so thrilled for you guys! You've always been a strong and wonderful person and this is just one more obstacle you have overcome! Isn't that a great word? Overcome..you are done..you can move on! I am proud of you! Praying for no more storms. Love you!


OMG.. I just got goose bumps reading this.. I'm so thrilled it's finally over.. I've been monitoring what you have gone through for the last 2 years and still I can't comprehend how you've kept your sanity, and risen above all this rubble.. Lyndsay.. it is finally over.. I just hope hte house sells fast, so you can start building new memories on a new place, away from all Katrina debris.


Congratulations! I know that must feel wonderful.

I can't wait to be there.


YIPPPEEE!!!!!!!! Anything is possible with the love and support of family and friends!


I know your house is for sale...are you planning on moving to a different state or just another town?
I'm so happy for you that it's all over.

Also, I'm glad to hear about the baby!!
Now you can relax.

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