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January 05, 2008



OMG!!! How terrible! Poor Ty. I'm thinking of you guys. :::hugs:::


OMG, poor Ty!!! I can't imagine. :( I'm thinking of you guys right now.


omg Lyndsay. I am so sorry to hear had to go through all of that. I hope they find the owner of the dog and get things taken care of. How absolutly irresponsible of them!

Emily Weaver Brown

I feel so bad for Ty, the treatment sounds way worse than the initial bite, but I am really glad that he was not hurt worse. I hope you can find the owner and get people in your neighborhood to be more responsible and supervise their dogs or keep them fenced.


I totally agree with you about dog owners... some just don't have any common sense. I am glad Ty is ok! I hope you find the owner!!!


I'm so sorry, Lyndsay. Hugs to Ty!


So sorry for Ty. Keep us updated!


OMG, poor ty!! I've heard about those rabies treatments before, I am so sorry!! I hope you can find the owner and dog soon and have them held responsible!!


My little dog, rocky who was a toy Austrailia shepard, got attacked and killed last week by the neighbors two dogs. they had mastiffs and they had gotten loose from their yard. My daughter put our dog ont he leash and opened the back door to take him out. The dogs were in our back yard and attacked rocky out of no where. It has been an awful, awful ordeal for us the the neighbors. they were very apologetic and put the dogs to sleep without any prompting. But it scared us all to death. When I think about all the times I let them take Rocky out by themselves... anyway, I'm so sorry this happened to you also. People do need to take better care of their dogs.


Poor Ty!:( I hope you find the owners of that dog and that he feels better!!

kathy p

oh my! poor ty! as the mom of a 10 year old myself, i can totally relate with you on this! i hope that you find the dog and it's owner too and that all works out ok so that ty won't have to go through such aweful treatments anymore! poor guy!

i agree too that ALL dog owners should be more responsible about their pets and not let them roam freely.

Heather T.

Oh Lynds...I am so sorry! I pray you find the dog and it's owner and that Ty doesn't have to endure anymore of those awful treatments. What a horrible day you have been through!


I'm so sorry to hear about poor Ty. He very nonchalantly told us about it yesterday - he is so brave. The treatment sounds horrible. I hope you're able to find the dog and its owner and that he doesn't have to have any more shots.


I had not looked here in a logn time and someone mentioned you moved! I am glad to hear you did. Next time I am back in TX I might try to schedule an appt!

Sad to hear about Ty. I will tell you what a neighbor of mine did. We have a local neighborhood website and she recorded her child getting the shots at the hospital and posted that horrid agonizing video on the website.

Post it, send it to your local TV station, put it on youtube, and tell people how horrid it can be. Take a photo of that agony and blanket your neighborhood with flyers with that photo like people do when they lose their dog. Fight. Good luck.


It was so wrong for that dog to be out unattended and properly contained if biting might be an issue. I'm sorry for your son. I hope they locate that dog.

Amber Hope

I am so sorry to hear. It breaks my heart knowing what Ty had to go through. I hope you are able to find the dog and it's owners soon, so hopefully he won't have to endure anymore of the awful treatments.

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